Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I want to sail away again.

    When I say, "I sailed away from home" I literally mean, I sailed away from home. Over a year and a half ago I boarded the tall ship Bounty as volunteer crew and sailed down the Savannah river on a rainy day off to travel the world, or at least the United States east coast, and Nova Scotia via the North Atlantic. I knew at the time that I was about to have the adventure of a lifetime. What I didn't expect was for it to completely change my life. I made new friends, and I traveled to places I'd never been before. I experienced teamwork, family, problem solving.  I lived in a small bunk  with a small corner that contained all my belongings. Those were all the things I expected for my adventure. I got much more though. I had a spiritual journey of my own, I questioned my judgements and views on the world, and my life was completely flipped upside down.
    I had originally planned on keeping a blog while on Bounty, though between learning to be a tall ship sailor and exploring I never actually posted anything on here. I'm still not planning on posting much about Bounty on here. Perhaps one day I'll write about it, but that day is not today. I will, however, talk about my future sailing adventures.
 I hope that my next sailing adventure will be to sail on Europa to Antartica this December. The problem is that I need about $3,000 to pay my way down there.  If I'm able to go I promise I'll take lots of pictures, write down all my thoughts, and post stories on here. If I went it would be a 33 day voyage from December 21-Janurary 23.
   I want to be able to share my experiences, and what I learn. I hope that if my future sailing adventures are anything like previous boats I've sailed  on then I will learn something new everyday, meet new people, and continue to have my life flipped upside down on me. This time though I want to share the new ideas and new things I have discovered.
    I'm currently thinking of ways to try to get on Europa for Antarctica, but until I sail again continue to follow me as I try to find my way on a boat.
-Fair Winds!

To find out more details on the voyage I want to go on click on the link below!

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